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  • June 2022 Drash Schedule - Date Parsha Drash June 4 Ufruf (wedding) celebration Bemidbar Ufruf drash TBD   TBD June 11 Naso TBD June 18 Beha’aloteca TBD (Parsha contains Song of the Sea and Miriam’s Song) June 25 Shelach Lecha TBD

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  • Divine Justice & Free Will - Reʻeh Drash by Howard Streicher Reʻeh, “see,” is the longest parsha with the most words in the book of words (Devarim) 7442 letters, 1932 Hebrew words.  To begin the parsha, God appears to offer a clear choice placing both blessing and curse before the Israelites. They are taught that blessing will come through the observance of […]
  • Tzedek - Shoftim Drash By Marlene Booth & Avi Soifer Marlene: The portion of the Torah I read today emphasizes the need to have two witnesses in a criminal case.  No conviction can be based on the testimony of a single witness.  There must be testimony by two or more witnesses. Fran’s son, Rabbi Natan Margalit, in […]
  • Hear and Remember - ʻEkev Drash by Sandra Z. Armstrong The great joy of Shabbat carries through every day until the time comes when we open up the Torah and the words flow through us. In ʻEkev, Moses stresses the importance of “remembering” to his people, Israel. For instance: 7:18 “You shall always remember,” 8:2 “Remember the long way,” […]
  • 5783 (2022) High Holy Days Services Schedule - Rosh HaShanah Services Sunday 9/25 7:30pm – 8:30pm Monday 9/26 9:00am – 12:30pm 3:00pm Tashlich at Kailua Beach & Picnic Tuesday 9/27 9:00am – 12:30pm Shabbat Shuvah Saturday Morning Services Saturday 10/1 9:50am – Noon Yom Kippur Services Tuesday 10/4 6:30pm – 8:30pm Kol Nidre – Erev Yom Kippur Wednesday 10/5 9:30am – 1:30pm 11:30 […]
  • Presidential Remarks - Annual Membership Meeting June 13, 2022 By Sandra Armstrong Upon looking back on the minutes that Margie graciously wrote up from a year ago, our Jewish world has changed significantly. In May 2021, we were just discussing the move to a Hybrid, Zoom service both in person and on Zoom. We weren’t sure what it […]
  • Memory, Forgetting, and Accuracy - Drash on Va’etchanan by  Alex Golub There’s an old joke about a guy who is sent to prison. He’s terrified to be there and nervously, he sits down with some of the oldest convicts to try to blend in. “18” says one of them, and they all laugh. “23” says another and they all crack […]
  • Irony and Role Reversal - Parsha Balak Drash by Fran Margulies Our word irony comes from ancient Greek theater device erroneia. A comic character was an eiron, a faker who pretended to be dumb but was really smart. At end of the play the eiron triumphs over the loud-mouthed braggart who is actually stupid. So the characters in an ironic […]
  • Spiritual Acts of Faith - Parsha Chukat Drash by Donald Armstrong I have always enjoyed the poetry of Ogden Nash. He wrote: The cow is of the bovine ilk. One end is moo, the other milk. A short, clean and humorous poem that is so unlike today’s parsha, Chukat. Not to be out done, King David composed the following haiku […]
  • Slate of Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairpersons & Beit Din - Elected During Annual Membership Meeting on June 13, 2022 Officers * * All officers are board members Officer Position Designee President Sandra Armstrong Vice President Morris Rabinko Treasurer Robert Littman Recording Secretary Margie Walkover Corresponding Secretary Donald Armstrong   Board Members Board Designee Welcoming Chair Les Rosenthal Memory Book & Yahrzeit Morris Rabinko Talmud Chair Gregg […]
  • Recent Sof Drashes - Shabbat HaGadol & Story May 4, 2022 Drash by Reb Daniel Lev According to the great scholar of the Jewish Time-Cycle, Reb Eliyahu KiTov, For as long as the days of the Tanna’im and Amora’im, it has been customary in Jewish communities throughout the world for the outstanding Torah scholar of the congregation to address […]
  • Books & Book Club News - Jewish in Hawaiʻi Book Club The JIH Book Club reads Jewish fiction and non-fiction picks which are selected by the group. Members rotate as “wranglers” leading the group in lively and interesting discussion. The group is a fun mixture of couples & singles, young adults & seniors and everyone in between. Affiliated and unaffiliated, however […]
  • From the Yiddish Book Center - The Yiddish Book Center Weekly Reader From Lorna Holmes May 2022 Detroit Gefilte City Each year, the Hermelin family of Detroit comes together to celebrate Passover, and central to their seder meal is the family’s homemade gefilte fish. Now that recipe is the subject of writer and director Rachel Fleit’s latest film, Gefilte. As Fleit […]
  • Some Amusement - In the Field May 2022 From Peter Fritz & Les Rosenthal Schwartz, an elderly man, is resting peacefully on the porch of his small hotel outside of Boca when he sees a cloud of dust up the road. He walks out to see who could be approaching: It is a Southern farmer with a wagon. […]
  • Sofʻer Profiles - Naomi Olstein Jewish Education Fund May 2, 2022 by Sandra Z. Armstrong The Naomi Olstein Jewish Education Fund at Sof Ma’arav has been created to honor the memory of Naomi in a way that will keep her close to us. Naomi was an astounding role model in educating us in many ways and avenues of […]
  • Tradition and Change - Pekudei Drash by Sandra Z. Armstrong When I taught preschool, I explained to the children the concept of same and different. It is a pretty elementary school basic concept and easily understood by most. These 3-5 year olds could grasp it but we as adults are now struggling with the reality. The last time we […]