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  • Justice and Mercy - Parsha Bo drash by Stan Satz Parasha Bo (Chapter 10 through the 16th verse of Chapter 13) I was in graduate school at Kent State University in the iconoclastic early […]
  • The Bones of Joseph - Vayehi Drash by Howard Streicher The different themes to pursue in Parsha Vayehi (“And he lived”) give us the opportunity for integrating the past into the present.  Yet, accepting the […]
  • The Rest is Commentary - Vayera Drash by Alexander Fellman וַיְחַזֵּ֤ק יְהוָה֙ אֶת־לֵ֣ב פַּרְעֹ֔ה But Hashem hardened pharaoh’s heart.   There is a concept among Christians called the unforgivable sin, the sin that God will […]
  • The Blessings of Yaʻakov - Toldot Drash By Alexander Fellman There’s a story I like. A Jew was found on a deserted island. He’d made quite a time of his prison there, building himself a […]
  • Divine Justice & Free Will - Reʻeh Drash by Howard Streicher Reʻeh, “see,” is the longest parsha with the most words in the book of words (Devarim) 7442 letters, 1932 Hebrew words.  To begin the parsha, God […]
  • Tzedek - Shoftim Drash By Marlene Booth & Avi Soifer Marlene: The portion of the Torah I read today emphasizes the need to have two witnesses in a criminal case.  No conviction […]
  • Hear and Remember - ʻEkev Drash by Sandra Z. Armstrong The great joy of Shabbat carries through every day until the time comes when we open up the Torah and the words flow through […]
  • Presidential Remarks - Annual Membership Meeting June 13, 2022 By Sandra Armstrong Upon looking back on the minutes that Margie graciously wrote up from a year ago, our Jewish world has changed significantly. […]
  • Memory, Forgetting, and Accuracy - Drash on Va’etchanan by  Alex Golub There’s an old joke about a guy who is sent to prison. He’s terrified to be there and nervously, he sits down with some […]
  • Irony and Role Reversal - Parsha Balak Drash by Fran Margulies Our word irony comes from ancient Greek theater device erroneia. A comic character was an eiron, a faker who pretended to be dumb but […]
  • Grasshoppers and Giants - Parashat Shelach Drash from visiting Rabbi Norman Levin  I want to thank you for inviting me to give the dvar Torah this Shabbat. This is my first time in Hawaiʻi […]
  • Spiritual Acts of Faith - Parsha Chukat Drash by Donald Armstrong I have always enjoyed the poetry of Ogden Nash. He wrote: The cow is of the bovine ilk. One end is moo, the other […]
  • Slate of Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairpersons & Beit Din - Elected During Annual Membership Meeting on June 13, 2022 Officers * * All officers are board members Officer Position Designee President Sandra Armstrong Vice President Morris Rabinko Treasurer Robert Littman Recording […]
  • Recent Sof Drashes - Shabbat HaGadol & Story May 4, 2022 Drash by Reb Daniel Lev According to the great scholar of the Jewish Time-Cycle, Reb Eliyahu KiTov, For as long as the days […]
  • Books & Book Club News - Jewish in Hawaiʻi Book Club The JIH Book Club reads Jewish fiction and non-fiction picks which are selected by the group. Members rotate as “wranglers” leading the group in lively […]