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  • November 2021 Drash Schedule -  Date Parsha Drash Nov 6 Toldot Dina Yoshimi Nov 13 Vayetzei TBA Nov 20 Vayishlach Alex Golub Nov 27 Vayeshev R. Daniel Lev

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  • From My Jewish Learning - Reprinted with permission from My Jewish Learning Sermons in the Synagogue November 1, 2021 Like spiritual leaders in many religions, Jewish clergy normally deliver sermons during worship services. often during a synagogue’s main Shabbat service, usually on Saturday mornings. Sermon topics can vary widely, but often touch in some way in the weekly Torah portion. […]
  • Recent Sof Drashes - Drash on Parsha Noach November 1, 2021 by Donald Armstrong When I converted to Judaism in 2013, I took the Jewish name Micah-Noach. I chose Noach because we planned to move to Hawaiʻi, where rainbows are ubiquitous. As today’s parsha tells us, Hashem was very disappointed with man because his creation was so inclined to […]
  • Levinson-Krupp Library - Levinson-Krupp Library This library was dedicated 50 years ago to the memory of Rebecca Lewin Levinson and Brannette Mayer Krupp by Justice and Mrs. Bernard Levinson. Over the years the library fell into disrepair, but starting in 2005 was redesigned and updated to accommodate the Rabbi Morris Goldfarb Collection. The library contains books of Jewish […]
  • Media to Check Out - Pandemics Weren’t Born Yesterday (History is Here to Help) November 1, 2021 A TV show featuring Sof’s Robert Littman! Archeology, especially in Egypt, has revealed pandemics thousands of years ago. What does archeology tell us about them, and how sure can we be? What is the state of the science that can reveal this to […]
  • From the Yiddish Book Center - The Yiddish Book Center Weekly Reader From Lorna Holmes Der boym fun lebn: Chava Rosenfarb November 1, 2021 If you were to visit the hometowns of some of the major postwar Yiddish writers, where would you go? New York and Tel Aviv, certainly. Probably also Montreal, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires. But how about Lethbridge, […]
  • Some Amusement - A Little Humor November 1, 2021 From Sid Goldstein A man gets on a train going from Grand Central Station in New York to Chicago. It’s a lengthy train trip, which is good, because he’s going there to deliver a lecture on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, and he hasn’t opened the book in the last […]
  • Sofʻer Profiles - Stock Car Racer A Profile of Sof’s Jessie Weinberger by Fran Margulies November 1, 2021 Who would have guessed that Jessie Weinberger, our longtime (45 years!) Sof member and faithful Oneg Chair, quietly chanting Shabbat services from her corner seat by the window, had a glorious other life of noise and speed? For ten years […]
  • Sof High Holy Days Schedule – 5782 (תשפ”ב) - At this time the final makeup of services has not been determined. All services will be available on zoom. President Sandra Armstrong will send out information about live participation in the services shortly before high holy days begin. Rosh HaShanah Services: Mon. Sept 6      8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Tues. Sept 7     9:00 am […]
  • Snowbirds: Off-Island Sofʻers - Off-Island Sof’ers Sof Snowbirds on the Go September 1, 2021 By Les Rosenthal In the early evening of August 21st, Pat and I, with Kerri, our youngest daughter, her husband, Dan, their kids Sloane 3 and Maeve 1, for Pat’s 31st time in Mt Rainier Nat’l Park, hiked 3.5 miles around Naches Peak at 5,400’ […]
  • Sof History from Mat Sgan – Torah and Taro & Honey and Poi - Torah and Taro Praise for Torah and Taro February 10, 2021 Professor Edwin Yamauchi (B.A. UHM; M.A. and Ph.D. Brandeis University) Professor of Emeritus of History at Miami University of Ohio writes: “I received and read Torah and Taro: Jewish Contributions to Hawaii. I found it informative and fascinating. Robert Littman (p.140) took my place […]
  • News Archive - Stuart H. Scott: A Tribute (Dec. 7, 1948 – July 15, 2021)  By Carolann Biederman & Seth Markow Stuart was a member of Sof Ma’arav for many years. His son Sean was a Bar Mitzvah at Sof in 2005.     During his struggle with cancer, he joined us at Sof Ma’arav for services and […]
  • Sof Bread Recipes – Rye Bread & Challah - Baking Rye Bread January 16, 2021 By Arnie Warshawsky Living under self-quarantine is an exercise in frustration. What to do, what to do. Funny how doing nothing more strenuous than using the TV remote or the computer mouse makes me hungry. Lately, I’ve hungered for toast with marmalade and a cup of coffee for breakfast. […]
  • Sof Simchas - Mazal Tov! Gayle Goodman’s Grandson has a Bar Mitzvah on Maui B’Sha’ah Tovah! November 29, 2020 Marc and Alice Flitter are happy to welcome a second grandson, Theodore Martin Ehrlich, born to daughter and son-in-law Caroline and Steve Ehrlich. A New Bimah Cover November 3, 2020 By Sandra Z. Armstrong Here is a picture of […]
  • Drash for ʻEikev - By Sandra Z Armstrong I once had a dream that my 90 year old friend, Mr. David Goodman was teaching me that living a Jewish life meant choosing from a whole array of desserts like the Viennese table of scrumptious options to satisfy all your cravings. I looked over to see the table of delicious […]
  • Drash on Va-Etchanan - By Don Armstrong Devarim, the fifth and last moshianic book of the Pentetuch, lays the foundation for the monotheism of modern Judaism by highlighting the supremacy of Adonai. In the preface to Devarim on page 980 of Etz Hayim, Jeffrey Tigay notes that today’s parsha is, ”the most clear advocate of monotheism and the ardent, […]