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  • Becoming a Sanctuary - Pekudei Drash by Rabbi Daniel Lev  – 3/16/2024 In Pekudei, the parsha this week, we learn that Moshe, Oholiav the architect and others finished building the Mishkan – the Moble […]
  • The Character of Abraham (Lech-Lecha: Gen. 12:1-17:27) - Drash by Stan Satz Three of the most popular and almost identical apocryphal (that is, non-Biblical) stories about Abraham are found in pre-Talmudic lore, as in the The Book of Jubilees Chapter […]
  • Drash for Chayei Sarah - by Sandra Z. Armstrong In the words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, It is God’s faith in us that keeps us going. Abraham brought God’s words to earth. We as the […]
  • Fishing Alaska - from Les Rosenthal
  • Foul Mixtures and Fools - Sotah Drash by Stan Satz Naso: Numbers 4:21-7:89   Numbers 5:11-31 contains the distasteful sotah ritual instigated by a husband who is convinced, even though there are no witnesses, that […]
  • Written Torah, Oral Torah, and Atonement - Behar–Bechukotai בְּהַר-בְּחֻקֹּתַי Drash by Daniel Koster Blessed were the Israelites in the time of Moses, for they knew the danger. The procedure for sacrifice is to place the offering on the […]
  • Torah Leyning Class - May 23, 2023 The sweet, mellifluous sounds of Torah chanted by the children of Israel are no longer bound by time and space; no longer to be heard only on […]
  • Tazria and Tzaraʻat - Parshat Tazria Drash by Alexander Fellman Good Shabbos, all. I’d like to start, as is my custom, with a little story: There is a council of Rabbis meeting, discussing a […]
  • Seder Symphony - via Arnie Warshawsky
  • Civil War Seder - From Mark Gottdiener, PhD When I taught my course on “American Jews” I often asked– “Can you imagine Jews fighting and killing each other during a war?” They couldn’t. Civil […]
  • Dancing to Praise God - Haftorah Commentary for Sh’mini by Stan Satz In the Torah, the most familiar example of dancing to praise God is found in Exodus Chapter 15 verse 20: Miriam, the sister […]
  • New Members for the Sof Board - On Sunday, March 19, the Sof Board met and appointed some new members for the congregational year. The new members of the board are listed below. Carrie Dibrell – Welcome […]
  • Eternal Flame and Sacrifice - Tetzaveh Drash by Daniel Koster Why does God want all this? This week, God instructs the Israelites to maintain  an eternal oil lamp, to construct extremely intricate (that is, expensive) […]
  • Justice and Mercy - Parsha Bo drash by Stan Satz Parasha Bo (Chapter 10 through the 16th verse of Chapter 13) I was in graduate school at Kent State University in the iconoclastic early […]
  • The Bones of Joseph - Vayehi Drash by Howard Streicher The different themes to pursue in Parsha Vayehi (“And he lived”) give us the opportunity for integrating the past into the present.  Yet, accepting the […]