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Acharei Mot Drash by Jake Honigman

With Pesach now over, it’s time to talk about . . . Yom Kippur!  That’s right, this parshah we just read, Acharei Mot – in addition to giving us the rules on incest,… Continue reading

Hateful Speech (Tazria: Lev. 12.1-13.59)

Drash by Stan Satz

The Torah portion for this Shabbat deals with ritual purification,  including leprosy, perhaps misnamed for a similar ravaging Biblical infection. Leprosy, according to myriads of rabbinical sources, is the result of hateful speech.

The high… Continue reading

Forgiving Our Brothers

Vayehi Drash by Stan Satz

Va-y’hi: Gen. (47:28-50:26)

In Chapter 50, after Jacob, the last of the Patriarchs, dies, Joseph’s brothers are terrified that Joseph will now severely punish them for conspiring to vengefully and treacherously entomb him in a… Continue reading

From Folk Tales, History

Parasha Miketz Drash by Robert J. Littman

The Torah is a sacred history of the Jewish people from the patriarch Abraham down through the death of Moses. It is a family history of the descendants of Abraham that recounts the… Continue reading

Inside the Circle and Making Connections

Shabbat Shuva Drash by Rabbi Daniel Lev

Today is Shabbos Shuva, the Shabbat of Returning, which falls on the Shabbat before Yom Kippur. As many of you know, teshuvah is the Jewish way of returning back to a path… Continue reading

Litany of Curses and Abundant Blessings

Ki Tavo Drash by Stan Satz

A smattering of blessings but a heap of curses (all 98 of them) are specifically elaborated upon in Chapter 28 of Ki Tavo. First, Moses proclaims that if the Israelites rejoice in God’s covenant… Continue reading

Annual Membership Dues

Congregation Sof Maʻarav Annual Membership Dues Invoice

5783 (2022-2023)

Congregation Sof Maʻarav,

c/o Robert Littman, P.O. Box 10850, Honolulu, HI 96816

Checks payable to:

Congregation Sof Maʻarav

High Holy Day tickets are included in membership dues. Children of members who… Continue reading

Aharei Mot

May 29, 2022

Drash by Sandra Z. Armstrong

We were instructed and guided out of Egypt to a new place and now we are to receive the noblest instructions from God. The final separation, death, is confronted in the opening… Continue reading


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