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Sof Elects 2021-2022 Officers, Board, and Committee Members

A menorah made of pensOn May 23, the Annual Meeting of the Congregation was held. The Congregations’ Officers, Board Members, and Committee Chairs were chosen for the 2021-2022 Congregational year.

All of these people will hold office through June 1, 2022.


Sandra Armstrong… Continue reading

Sof Experiments with Hybrid Services

by Sandra Z. Armstrong & Margie Walkover

A phone showing an image of trees and nature behind it.The June 5 service was opened to Board and Committee members and the lay leadership for that particular Shabbat. The board established guidelines for a trial run to be shared on Zoom and… Continue reading

June 2021 Drash Schedule

 Date Parsha Drash
June 5 Sh’lach Alex Golub
June 12 Korach Reb Daniel Lev
June 19 Chukat TBD
June 26 Balak TBD


Sof Drashes

Drash on Parshat Naso

By Risa Dickson

Hands leaning over a book in Hebrew.Naso is a parsha filled with what appears to be random and disconnected concepts and ideas. I’ve often heard that “real estate is expensive” in the Torah, and things arenʻt there by accident… Continue reading

How to Make Jewish Spaces More Accessible for Disabled Jews Like Me

By Allison Wallis

Previously published in Kveller:

One in four Americans has at least one disability. If you live long enough, the odds are that you will develop a disability. It’s just part of the spectrum of the human… Continue reading

Drash on Parshah Sh’mini

By David and Beatriz Haymer

Part 1: The Laws of Kashrut

Sh’mini is usually described as the Parshah containing the key instructions for the laws of Kashrut, specifically what may or may not be eaten. It does so, but this… Continue reading

From My Jewish Learning

The History of Jews in Ireland

Reprinted with permission from My Jewish Learning

Jews have made their home in Ireland for centuries, and many have risen to be successful and prominent figures in politics, business, and theology. Ireland produced Chaim… Continue reading

Media to Check Out

Hometown to the World

From Avi Soifer

A town sign for Postville: Hometown to the WorldThe opera Hometown to the World focuses on the aftermath of a 2008 raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on a Kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. Postville gave itself the moniker,… Continue reading

Levinson-Krupp Library

Temple E Levinson-Krupp Library Header

Levinson-Krupp Library

This library was dedicated 50 years ago to the memory of Rebecca Lewin Levinson and Brannette Mayer Krupp by Justice and Mrs. Bernard Levinson. Over the years the library fell into disrepair, but starting in 2005 was redesigned… Continue reading

Stories & Legends

By Reb Daniel Lev

Moshe the Thief Goes to Heaven

Chaim was a humble blacksmith who lived in the town of Shploitz in lower Silesia. Next door to him lived Moshe the Thief. Although he never got caught, Moshe was… Continue reading


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