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Parsha Hukkat

Drash by Sandra Z. Armstrong

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The continuing theme for Hukkat is separation, re-integration, separation and lustration.

Today, we are surrounded by the cleansing, purifying waters of the Pacific, our waters of lustration.

Our thirst for life is always… Continue reading

News Archive

Sof Elects 2021-2022 Officers, Board, and Committee Members

A menorah made of pensOn May 23, the Annual Meeting of the Congregation was held. The Congregations’ Officers, Board Members, and Committee Chairs were chosen for the 2021-2022 Congregational year.

All of these people will hold… Continue reading

From My Jewish Learning

A History of Jewish Art

July 2, 2021

Reprinted with permission from My Jewish Learning

MenorahJewish visual arts date back to the biblical Bezalel, commissioned by God to create the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Since then, Jewish… Continue reading

Stories & Legends

By Reb Daniel Lev

Moshe the Thief Goes to Heaven

Chaim was a humble blacksmith who lived in the town of Shploitz in lower Silesia. Next door to him lived Moshe the Thief. Although he never got caught, Moshe was… Continue reading

Jewish History

The Story of Moses “Two Gun” Cohen

By Sid Goldstein

Morris Abraham Cohen (1887–1970), better known by the nickname “Two-Gun” was a Polish-born British and Canadian adventurer who became aide-de-camp to Sun Yat-Sen and a General… Continue reading


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