Jewish History

From My Jewish Learning

Jewish Custom and Jewish Law

Reprinted from My Jewish Learning

Jewish custom — known in Hebrew as a minhag — is a religious practice that, though sometimes very widely practiced, does not carry the force of Jewish law and is… Continue reading

From the Yiddish Book Center

“Go Be a Prophet!”

There’s a Yiddish expression that says, “Gey zay a novi—Go be a prophet!” That’s exactly what the anonymous author of “The World in the Year 2058” tried to do back in 1958, when this curious Yiddish… Continue reading

Sofʻers Talk Story

Sof as a Community

October 2, 2020

By Sandra Z. Armstrong

A bowl of honey on top of cut green apples with the skin still on.

As a community we have remained close, stayed together and reached incredible heights of ruach, creating uplifting, joyous zoom Shabbats for the last six months. Our experiences and spiritual… Continue reading

Jewish History

A Famous Jew You Never Knew

January 13, 2021

Waldemar Mordechai Haffkine

Waldemar Mordechai Haffkine

BBC via Dina Yoshimi

For those who are winding down for the semester, and those who just enjoy an interesting read:

Here’s a piece from the BBC about… Continue reading


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