Torah Leyning Class

May 23, 2023

The sweet, mellifluous sounds of Torah chanted by the children of Israel are no longer bound by time and space; no longer to be heard only on Shabbat in shul. Within the unlikely venue of Zoom has been created a new holy space for Sof-ers to expand their intimate relationship with the Text, opening up new opportunities for adult members of the congregation to create fresh ties and a deeper appreciation for Torah. Sof Maarav has inaugurated its first adult education electronic shul for learning how to leyn Torah!

One click on a Zoom link proferred by Sof’s illustrious Madam President and CEO (Cherished Ecclesiastic Organizer) will conduct the eager student to an hour-a-week session, led by Sof’s part-time Ritual Chair and fully-engaged dancing service leader Gregg(“ele”) into a strictly “no judgment” learning and sharing environment, immersing the student in the history, practice, and nuts-and-bolts of public chanting of the Torah.  Once considered the unique domain of reluctant bnei mitzvah students, now our more seasoned members can engage in a relaxed, yet invigorating and appreciation-based “tour de trop,” leading anywhere from the individual student’s private satisfaction in mastering a new and personally gratifying musical art tinged with sacred and historical echoes of yiddishkeit, to being a fresh recruit to the list of weekly Torah leyners that our shul so fervently seeks.

Instruction began on Monday, May 1, and will continue each Monday at 7 pm, until the entire host of students (even now numbering nearly a minyan!) feels comfortable leyning Torah to the desired degree.  

This enterprise is a new one, and lessons on approach and content are already being learned.  Lecturing to a group of adults eager to master a new musical connection to Torah is not without its challenges: how does one create and sustain the magical and very individual connection conducive to learning such a personalized art in a potentially cold lecture environment, avoiding the embarrassment of the student making faltering first steps, while nurturing the group’s need to continue making progress?  

The current group is blessed both with neophytes to leyning and old hands who want a review or a touch-up to their existing skills.  This healthy mix of students provides support for new students during classtime, and direction offline as well.  Further, Greggele has opened up connections with each student individually, allowing for electronic “homework” to be emailed and reviewed before each week’s lesson.

If the prospect of creating and nurturing a new and vital link to our heritage is exciting to you, further questions can be directed to Gregg Kinkley.

What:  Sof Maarav’s new adult education Torah leyning class

When: Every Monday evening at 7 pm

Where: By Zoom (link provided by email once enrolled)

Who:  YOU!

Why:  Fulfilling our destiny as Jews to celebrate the reading of our Holy Torah

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