Finding the biology in the book of Genesis

By Malka Rappaport

Synergy Podcast cover

David and Malka have started a podcast on the intersection of biology and our beloved Torah text! Western society seems to suffer from the idea that science and religion are in perpetual conflict.

While there has, historically, been bitter conflict between Christianity and science, our podcast aims to show that Torah has never taken an antagonistic stance. Some Jews have tried previously to dispel this myth of conflict through various books, but none have dealt specifically with the subject of biology, and (as we hope you’ll discover) Torah and biology can actually work in harmony with each other.

Perhaps most importantly for this day and age, our podcast seeks to emphasize the importance of allowing religious principles to guide scientific endeavors as new technological advances give us more and more power to create. Without the grounding of ethical principles in our Torah, science can easily become the means of inflicting terrible damage.

Our show is currently available on the Spotify and Anchor Podcast apps. Hopefully, other streaming platforms will follow in the near future. Keep in mind that Spotify works best with a subscription (it is possible to use Spotify for free, but there will be commercials).

Anchor is an easy and free alternative to listening. Just make sure to search ‘anchor podcast’ in your app store when downloading the initial app. Once you have the Anchor app, it’s best to type in the whole title (Synergy: Finding the biology in the book of Genesis) when searching out the show. There are a lot of other shows with the word ‘synergy’ in the title, so this will help you narrow your search.

We hope you enjoy this labor of love, and please subscribe to the show! The more subscribers, the easier it will be for others to find it. If you feel so inclined, writing a favorable review also helps, as it will boost the show in the various algorithms used to search the streaming platforms. Happy listening!

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