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  • Drash Schedule January 2021 -  Date Parsha Drash Jan 2 Vayechi Jay Friedheim Jan 9 Shemot Sid Goldstein Jan 16 Vayera Risa Dickson Jan 23   Jan 30 Bo   Beshalach (Shabbat Shirah) Reb Daniel Lev   Marlene Booth    

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  • Jewish History - A Famous Jew You Never Knew January 13, 2021 BBC via Dina Yoshimi For those who are winding down for the semester, and those who just enjoy an interesting read: Here’s a piece from the BBC about Waldemar Mordechai Haffkine, a Jew who made a huge difference in the world of saving lives by vaccine. […]
  • Thoughts - From Les Rosenthal You may think that you are completely insignificant in this world. But someone drinks coffee from the favorite cup that you gave them. Someone heard a song on the radio that reminded them of you. Someone read the book that you recommended, and plunged headfirst into it. Someone smiled after a hard […]
  • Gregor Mendel and Parshah Vayetze - A Drash by David Haymer First, to echo comments made by Dan Bender and others, let me begin by saying that this Parshah is packed with dramatic events. In this one Parshah, we learn about (not in order): Jacob figuring out how to use a rock for a pillow, Jacob’s ladder (and other dreams), and […]
  • Sof Hanukkah 2020 - A Small Hanukkah Miracle By Mathew Sgan Last year I had an almost full package of Hanukkah candles left over. I planned to use them for this year’s lighting ceremonies. Alas, on the fifth day, I started to worry that I would be short of candles. I anticipated my needs. Five on the fifth day; […]
  • Sof Holiday Recipes - Island Latke Recipe By Hefcibah Martin One bag Alexia Yukon hash browns One finely chopped onion One teaspoon salt 1/4 cup All-purpose flour 1/2 cup Panko Three eggs beaten. Fry in oil.   Cranberry sauce One bag fresh cranberries One cup sugar Juice and zest from one Meyer lemon Place in blender till smooth.  
  • IllumiNation - On Thursday, December 17th, IllumiNation, a one-hour program spearheaded by Rabbi David Booth of Congregation Kol Emet in Palo Alto celebrated the 8th night of Chanukah in a nationwide, virtual celebration. Rabbi Booth is the nephew of Avi Soifer and Marlene Booth. Leaders and congregants from all 50 states and 2 provinces in Canada joined […]
  • Dualities: Vayishlach Drash - By Fran Margulies Jacob/Israel, one of our founding fathers, comes to us out of our mythic past. I say “mythic” because I think his story fits the dictionary definition of myth as “an ancient story of an ancestral hero who serves as a fundamental type in the world view of a people.” So how is […]
  • Torah and Taro - Torah and Taro January 12, 2021 A Book Review by Sid Goldstein Mat Sgan’s third book, Torah and Taro, is an informative history of the Jewish contributions to the Hawaiian Islands. The book examines the impact that the small Jewish population has had on the history, social development, and culture of Hawaiʻi as it transformed from […]
  • Sof Drash Archive - Vayera: Inquiry or Seeking November 29, 2020 A Drash by Carolann Biederman My drash is dedicated to the enthusiastic members of our Sof Book Group, who offer insights, inspiration, opinions, reflections and their personal stories, related to the discussion of the book at hand. Everyone has a voice and the space to express it. Together […]
  • From My Jewish Learning - Where Did the Dreidel Game Come from? January 10, 2021 Reprinted with permission from My Jewish Learning The dreidel or sevivon is perhaps the most famous custom associated with Hanukkah. Indeed, various rabbis have tried to find an integral connection between the dreidel and the story of Hanukkah. The standard explanation is that the letters […]
  • Some Amusement - Some Humor January 10, 2021 From Les Rosenthal & Bill Schwartz John Chester was a famous photographer and he decided that he was going to embark on an ambitious new project: photographs of houses of worship around the world. Temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, everything. As different as they all were, he noticed one thing in […]
  • From the Yiddish Book Center - “Is Isaac Bashevis Singer a Yiddish Writer?” January 9, 2021 This question is not as preposterous as it sounds. As beloved as he was by English readers, Singer was widely reviled by many in the Yiddish world, who denounced him as superstitious, otherworldly, pornographic, misogynistic, and out of step with a fundamental tenet of modern […]
  • Quarantine Humor - Quarantine Humor January 9, 2021 Via Les Rosenthal The Pandemic in 6 Words: November 20, 2020 By Les Rosenthal Not a criminal, but running masked. Every day’s a bad hair day. Eighth hour of YouTube. Send Help! Read every book in the house. How Are You Holding Up During Quarantine? March 97, 2020 By Don […]
  • Shloshim - From Sally Morgan A tribute to mark the completion of Shloshim for Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks זצ׳׳ל Sunday, December 6, 2020
  • B’Sha’ah Tovah! - Marc and Alice Flitter are happy to welcome a second grandson. Theodore Martin Ehrlich was born to daughter and son-in-law Caroline and Steve Ehrlich on 11/3/20.