Stories & Legends

The Nistar Study and Practice Circle

By Reb Daniel Lev

Baal Shem Tov Shul

Reb Wolfe Kitzes was having a panic attack under his tallit as he waited for his Rebbe, the founder of the 18th-Century mystical revival movement in Poland, the BESHT (Baal Shem Tov), to begin to blow… Continue reading

The Seder

By Reb Daniel Lev

There were traveling two beggars, a Jew and German who were always looking for opportunities to get a free meal or a place to stay. One year they arrived in a big city around Pesach time.… Continue reading

To Break Open the Gates: A Tale of Healing

By Reb Daniel Lev

You know… there are at least two kinds of holy people. Although they both live a holy life, the first one looks down on people they consider “not holy” and the second one values everyone they… Continue reading

Sukkah on the Roof in Brooklyn – 1957

By Reb Daniel Lev


My uncle would bring this up every Fall as we munched on our post-Neila break-feast. Between bites of pickled herring and potato knishes, he’d tell us all about his struggle to keep his sukkah. He recounted,… Continue reading

Moshe The Hood Makes Teshuvah

By Reb Daniel Lev

It was unbelievable but true – Moshe the Hood, the biggest crime boss of Poland, wanted to make Teshuva. He was in his 50’s and had lived what some would call a “very evil life” filled… Continue reading

The Princess Who Wanted to See G-d

By Reb Daniel Lev

“Why not!??” yelled the princess, “Why can’t you show me!??” The King looked down at his ten year-old daughter and felt the bittersweet conflict every parent goes through when they want to fulfill their child’s request… Continue reading

Who Guarantees that Jews Will Receive and Keep the Torah?

By Reb Daniel Lev


The women and children, of course! It’s because of them that that we received and continue to practice the Torah. We learn this from Millennia-old Rabbinic Midrashim. A Midrash is a special commentary on the… Continue reading

Pinchas Monkey Street

Story retold by R. Daniel Lev

Reb Pinchas worked as the business manager for a Poretz, Polish aristocrat, named Brunon. Each Friday morning he’d go to Brunon’s office where the Poretz would open a small chest and count out several… Continue reading

Organic Torah: Transcendent Letters

By Rabbi Nathan Margalit

There is an important commentary by the Piazetzner Rebbe in which he talks about getting our spirituality into our whole beings. Though his commentary starts on the story of Noah, it includes a very interesting… Continue reading

The Book of Esther


By Robert J. Littman

The Book of Esther has been called one of the strange books of the Bible. There is no reference to God in the entire book. The story is one of the few books of the Bible… Continue reading