Lynley Shimat Lys

Naso Drash

by Daniel Koster

When I was growing up in the shtetl of Anatevka, Florida, the Rabbi used to go everywhere by bike. One day he came to me and cried, “Daniel, my bike has been stolen!” I said, “but Rabbi,… Continue reading

Beha’alot’cha Drash

by Donald Armstrong and Stan Satz

I planned to start preparing today’s drash on Beha’alot’cha last Sunday, with the goal of completing it before Shabbat on Friday evening. I did my research on Sunday,… Continue reading

Star Wars Edition

Acharei Mot Drash by Jake Honigman

With Pesach now over, it’s time to talk about . . . Yom Kippur!  That’s right, this parshah we just read, Acharei Mot – in addition to giving us the rules on incest,… Continue reading

Hateful Speech (Tazria: Lev. 12.1-13.59)

Drash by Stan Satz

The Torah portion for this Shabbat deals with ritual purification,  including leprosy, perhaps misnamed for a similar ravaging Biblical infection. Leprosy, according to myriads of rabbinical sources, is the result of hateful speech.

The high… Continue reading

Becoming a Sanctuary

Pekudei Drash by Rabbi Daniel Lev  – 3/16/2024

In Pekudei, the parsha this week, we learn that Moshe, Oholiav the architect and others finished building the Mishkan – the Moble Temple, also called the Mikdash, the Holy Place,… Continue reading

Forgiving Our Brothers

Vayehi Drash by Stan Satz

Va-y’hi: Gen. (47:28-50:26)

In Chapter 50, after Jacob, the last of the Patriarchs, dies, Joseph’s brothers are terrified that Joseph will now severely punish them for conspiring to vengefully and treacherously entomb him in a… Continue reading

From Folk Tales, History

Parasha Miketz Drash by Robert J. Littman

The Torah is a sacred history of the Jewish people from the patriarch Abraham down through the death of Moses. It is a family history of the descendants of Abraham that recounts the… Continue reading

The Character of Abraham (Lech-Lecha: Gen. 12:1-17:27)

Drash by Stan Satz

Three of the most popular and almost identical apocryphal (that is, non-Biblical) stories about Abraham are found in pre-Talmudic lore, as in the The Book of Jubilees Chapter 12, second century BCE; in the… Continue reading

Drash for Chayei Sarah

by Sandra Z. Armstrong

In the words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, It is God’s faith in us that keeps us going. Abraham brought God’s words to earth. We as the people of Israel are to follow these words knowing that… Continue reading

Inside the Circle and Making Connections

Shabbat Shuva Drash by Rabbi Daniel Lev

Today is Shabbos Shuva, the Shabbat of Returning, which falls on the Shabbat before Yom Kippur. As many of you know, teshuvah is the Jewish way of returning back to a path… Continue reading


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