Midrash at Sof

  • Drash—Shabbat Hazon - Special Guest Drash by Rabbi Natan Margalit, son of Fran Margulies ציון במשפט תפדה ושביה בצדקה  Zion shall be redeemed with judgement and those that return to her with righteousness.  Why the repeat? If Zion is redeemed, don’t we already know that those that return to her will also be redeemed?  So asks the Piaseczner […]
  • Recent Sof Drashes - Shlach L’Chah July 2, 2021 Drash by Alex Golub Shabbat shalom. Today we exist at the intersection of two remarkable events. First, the remarkable story we have just heard: Moses sends twelve spies to scout out the holy land, only to find that all of the spies but Joshua and Caleb believe the local people […]
  • Sof Drashes - Drash on Parsha Sh’mini June 6, 2021 By David and Beatriz Haymer Part 1: The Laws of Kashrut Sh’mini is usually described as the Parshah containing the key instructions for the laws of Kashrut, specifically what may or may not be eaten. It does so, but this Parshah also starts with a continuation of details […]
  • Parsha Hukkat - Drash by Sandra Z. Armstrong The continuing theme for Hukkat is separation, re-integration, separation and lustration. Today, we are surrounded by the cleansing, purifying waters of the Pacific, our waters of lustration. Our thirst for life is always quenched by living on an island surrounded by luscious, sparkling blue/green water and by meeting weekly as a Jewish […]


Midrash Archive

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The Sof Ma’arav Drash Archive is a collection of Torah commentaries written by members Sof Maarav for weekly Shabbat services.  As a lay-led congregation, Sof relies on the volunteer efforts of its members to lead services and provide spiritual depth to the weekly Torah reading through midrash, or commentary, composed voluntarily by community members.

The drashes collected here have been written by individuals; no effort has been or will be made to articulate larger cohesive theological themes.  In other words, this archive is intended to provide readers with the insights of individual thinkers about specific subject matter, rather than to espouse any particular religious orientation.  Participation in the archive is also voluntary, and usage of the material is subject to Creative Commons licensing (still under construction).

In addition to helping readers learn about the congregation’s depth of background, experience, and spiritual influences, this archive is intended to help future drashers everywhere by creating an accessible resource for study and inspiration.  No claims are or will ever be made about providing comprehensive Torah commentary; drashes will be added periodically when they are received.

A note about document formatting:

The documents archived here have not been edited for consistent formatting.  That means that the documents were posted in the form received from the authors.  Readers will therefore find that different authors use different fonts, spacing, and point size, among other formatting options.  Should the archivist someday win the lottery, she will make a consistent editorial style for this archive her first priority.  Until then, readers, please think kindly towards the donations that authors have provided this archive with, and overlook such small things as typos and sans serif fonts.

A note about copyright:

Creative Commons License   These texts are (c) by the various authors archived at http://honoluludrash.wordpress.com/, and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available athttp://honoluludrash.wordpress.com/feedback/.