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This library was dedicated 50 years ago to the memory of Rebecca Lewin Levinson and Brannette Mayer Krupp by Justice and Mrs. Bernard Levinson. Over the years the library fell into disrepair, but starting in 2005 was redesigned and updated to accommodate the Rabbi Morris Goldfarb Collection. The library contains books of Jewish interest ranging from religious texts to modern fiction, including a small section of children’s literature. Recent additions include DVDs and CDs. Full catalogue available at: http://templeehi.mysurpass.net.

November 2019

355.8 KEA The Bastard Brigade: The True Story of the

Renegade Scientists and Spies who Sabotaged the Nazi

Atomic Bomb by Sam Kean.

BIO RAP A Well-Read Woman: The life, loves, and legacy

of Ruth Rappaport by Kate Stewart.

940.53 SPI Renia’s Diary by Renia Spiegel with her sister,

Elizabeth Bellak.

September 2019

It is September and that brings us to the Jewish months of Elul and Tishrei when we celebrate the Birthday of the World!   Rosh Hashanah starts on Sunday evening, September 29th, and so begins the time for us to take stock of our behavior and to change that which we know to be wrong. Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman has edited a series named Prayers of Awe, we have all of the books in the series, and we will highlight three of these books:

Book Cover - Encountering God.HH 296.43 HOF | Encountering God: God Merciful and Gracious | This volume charts the importance of the Thirteen Attributes of God. It offers perspectives from men and women, rabbis and lay people, scholars and artists, from across the spectrum of Jewish life. They represent the US, Israel, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia.


HH 296.43 HOF | Naming God: Our Father, Our King | One of the oldest and Book Cover - Naming Godmost beloved prayers is Avinu Malkeinu (“Our Father, Our King”). “Our Father, Our King” has resonance also for Christians, whose Lord’s Prayer begins “Our Father.” Despite its popularity, Avinu Malkeinu causes great debate because of the difficulties in thinking of God as father and king.


Book Cover - All These VowsHH 296.43 HOF | All These Vows: Kol Nidre | Through a series of lively commentaries, over thirty contributors examine Kol Nidre’s theology, usage, and deeply personal impact.





On Rosh Hashanah it is written…on Yom Kippur it is sealed. May it be written and sealed that you have a new year that brings fulfillment and happiness, peace and prosperity… all of life’s very best things.

Have a Happy, Healthy New Year!

August 2019

781.7 ROG THE ESSENTIAL KLEZMER by Seth Rogovoy.

Klezmer CoverYou can hear it in the hottest clubs in New York, the hippest rooms in New Orleans, Chicago, and San Francisco, and in top concert halls around the world. It’s a joyous sound that echoes the past. It’s Old World meets New World. It’s secular and sacred. It’s traditional and experimental. It’s played by classical violinist Itzhak Perlman (his all-klezmer album and his all-time best-seller!), the hypno-pop band Yo La Tengo, and avant-gardist John Zorn. It made the late great Benny Goodman’s clarinet wail. It’s klezmer and it’s hot! The Essential Klezmer is the definitive introduction to a musical form in the midst of a renaissance. It documents the history of klezmer from its roots in the Jewish communities of medieval Eastern Europe to its current revival in Europe and America.


940.53 FAI THE VOLUNTEER by Jack Fairweather.

Volunteer Book CoverThe incredible true story of a Polish resistance fighter’s infiltration of Auschwitz to sabotage the camp from within, and his death-defying attempt to warn the Allies about the Nazis’ plans for a “Final Solution” before it was too late. To uncover the fate of the thousands being interred at a mysterious Nazi camp on the border of the Reich, a thirty-nine-year-old Polish resistance fighter named Witold Pilecki volunteered for an audacious mission: assume a fake identity, intentionally get captured and sent to the new camp, and then report back to the underground on what had happened to his compatriots there. But gathering information was not his only task: he was to execute an attack from inside, where the Germans would least expect it. The name of the camp was Auschwitz. Over the next two and half years, Pilecki forged an underground army within Auschwitz that sabotaged facilities, assassinated Nazi informants and officers, and gathered evidence of terrifying abuse and mass murder. But as he pieced together the horrifying truth that the camp was to become the epicenter of Nazi plans to exterminate Europe’s Jews, Pilecki realized he would have to risk his men, his life, and his family to warn the West before all was lost. To do so, meant attempting the impossible; an escape from Auschwitz itself.


Fiddlers House Klezmer CoverIn his introductory note to this CD, Itzhak Perlman informs us that, more than anything else he has recorded, this is truly his own music–“what you might hear if you came to my house and I decided to jam with some friends.” And jam he does–with some very talented friends indeed. Klezmer music, which combines the folk and religious music of Yiddish-speaking cultures with various musical traditions of countries such as Russia, Turkey, and Greece, is unusual territory for a major label and a superstar artist, but here the combination works perfectly. Perlman, who normally is the star of his recordings, just blends into the whole celebration. The playing of violin, accordion, mandolin, clarinet, and other instruments is stylish, infectious, and at times virtuosic.


Liberating Path CoverIn the face of current societal challenges, Nahum Ward-Lev mines Biblical wisdom to illumine a way forward. His book explores the rich territory of social change towards equity and widespread opportunity, as articulated by the Hebrew prophets and lived by Biblical persons. In engaging prose, Ward-Lev offers a fresh reading of familiar Biblical narratives, revealing the liberation themes in these stories. The book then examines the development of these Biblical liberation themes in contemporary prophetic writers including Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King. This exploration of Biblical themes clarifies practices for the liberation journey, including prioritizing reciprocal relationships, engaging in dialogue, exercising social and artistic imagination, and nurturing a love ethic in public life. This book empowers readers of all faiths and backgrounds to view current challenges through a prophetic lens and take prophetic action.


July 2019

By Sally, Deborah and Charlotte

It’s July and we celebrate the founding of our country on the 4th. From the poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus:
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
This is the wonder of America.
From our collection:

808.87 BIR 1,003 GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING JEWISH by Lisa Birnbach. From the trio responsible for the successful 1,003 series comes 1,003 Great Things About Being Jewish, the perfect humorous book to celebrate being Jewish.

BIO ROS NOT BAD FOR DELANCY STREET: THE RISE OF BILLY ROSE by Mark Cohen. The first biography in fifty years of the producer, World’s Fair impresario, songwriter, nightclub and theater owner, syndicated columnist, art collector, tough guy, and philanthropist, is the first to tell the whole story of Rose’s life.

FIC SIN UNDERGROUND FUGUE by Margot Singer. Set against the tube bombings in London in 2005, Underground Fugue interweaves the stories of four people dislocated by shock waves of personal loss, political violence, and, ultimately, betrayal.

909 MAG MASADA by Jodi Magness. Jodi Magness, an archaeologist who has excavated at Masada, explains what happened there, how we know it, and how recent developments might change understandings of the story.


When you borrow a book, please sign out with the barcode number. In the example above, the number 7106 is the barcode number.The label you see on the spine of each book is the call number, not the barcode number.  We need the barcode number to identify the specific book you have borrowed. The barcode is found as you open the book and see a barcode label on the top right hand corner of the page, usually opposite the bookplate. Several books may have the same call number but each book has its own barcode number.

Happy Fourth of July!!
With aloha from Sally, Deborah and Charlotte

June 2019

By Sally, Deborah and Charlotte

June is busting out all over from graduations, ending of the school year, Jewish Holidays like Shavu’ot, celebrations like Yom Yerushalayim and many weddings…And new books and DVDs in the Library. Among them are:

FIC HIR | MY MOTHER’S SON [A NOVEL] by David Hirshberg | MY Mother’s Son is a story told by a radio raconteur revisiting his past in post-World War II Boston, the playground and battleground for two brothers whose lives are transformed by discoveries they never could have imagined.

305.89 MOF | FIRST THE JEWS: COMBATING THE WORLD’S LONGEST-RUNNING HATE CAMPAIGN by Evan Moffic.| This book gives the clearest and most concise explanation of where anti-Semitism comes from, why it continues, and how to stop its resurgence today.

FIC KEL | LOST ROSES by Martha Hall Kelly. | From the turbulent streets of St. Petersburg and aristocratic countryside estates to the avenues of Paris where a society of fallen Russian émigrés live to the mansions of Long Island, the lives of Eliza, Sofya, and Varinka will intersect in profound ways.


DVD 277 DANIEL DERONDA .  What are the secrets that surround his birth? A screenplay adapted from the novel by George Eiiot.
DVD 278THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK.  Celebrating 100 years of American Songs.

It’s hot, so pick up a book or a DVD to enjoy while you are under the cooling breeze of the AC or a fan.

May 2019

We are adding a new category to our collection – YA (Young Adult). This includes books that range in interest to teens and adults. These books are located above the Children’s Collection. Check them out. Meanwhile, we highlight some new books in the library for your reading pleasure.

No Place Larry Mild Cover Honey and Poi Cover Americas Jewish Women Cover


My Life and Times by Larry Mild.

Get to know our own Larry Mild as you follow his life as the introverted, chubby youth struggles through his formative years to eventually find success and fulfillment as a technician in the U.S. Navy as a digital design engineer, and, finally, as a mystery author. Track his successes and slips as he attempts to deal with every challenge and blessing tossed his way. It is not only his own story, but that of his family. Join him as he tells how his two wives, three children, and five grandchildren have shaped his life as much as he has  molded theirs. Tragedy is certainly no stranger as he deals with death, cancer, murder, and global terrorism, not only on the written page, but in his own life.

973 SOF

HONEY AND POI: the Origins and Development of Congregation Sof Ma’arav in Honolulu, Hawaii

If you have ever wondered about your neighbor congregation, Sof Ma’arav, the only Conservative Jewish congregation in Hawaii, this book gives you an insight into what makes Sof unique. It reviews the questions that Sof has struggled with during its time: conversion, egalitarianism, religious education, finances and United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism affiliation. Sof’s solutions enabled the congregation, standing alone, to cope with these issues without losing its sense of purpose.

305.48 NAD

AMERICA’S JEWISH WOMEN: A History from Colonial Times to Today by Pamela S. Nadell.

A groundbreaking history of how Jewish women maintained their identity and influenced social activism as they wrote themselves into American history.


Nadell recounts how Jewish women have been at the forefront of causes for centuries, fighting for suffrage, trade unions, civil rights and feminism, and hoisting banners for Jewish rights around the world. These women’s lives have left deep footprints in the history of the nation they call home.


New DVDs at the Levinson-Krupp Library

Trial Eichmann DVD Cover Tale Love Darkness DVD Cover
DVD 266

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann  

This comprehensive new documentary features detailed accounts of Eichmann’s capture, the drama in the courtroom and behind the scenes, and reactions to the trial from around the world.

DVD 268 

A Tale of Love and Darkness

Based on the international bestseller by Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness is the story of his youth, set against the backdrop of the end of the British Mandate for Palestine and the early years of the State of Israel.

New Books from April 2019

Sonora Cover Catch-67 Cover Braided Cover

SONORA by Hannah Lillith Assadi

2018 National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 Honoree
A fevered, lyrical debut about two young women drawn into an ever-intensifying friendship set against the stark, haunted landscape of the Sonoran desert and the ecstatic frenzy of New York City. Ahlam, the daughter of a Palestinian refugee and his Israeli wife, grows up in the arid lands of desert suburbia outside of Phoenix.

956.04 GOO


A controversial examination of the internal Israeli debate over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a best-selling Israeli author. In a balanced and insightful analysis, Micah Goodman deftly sheds light on the ideas that have shaped Israelis’ thinking on both sides of the debate, and among secular and religious Jews about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



by Beth Ricannati, MD.

Finalist 2018 National Jewish Book Award in Women’s Studies.

What if you could bake bread once a week, every week? What if the smell of fresh bread could turn your house into a home? And what if the act of making the bread – mixing and kneading, watching and waiting – could heal your heartache and your emptiness, your sense of being overwhelmed? It can.