Snowbirds: Off-Island Sofʻers

Snowbirds at Sea

December 1, 2021

Mahi mahi at Penguin Banks, Molokaʻi


Sea turtle checking us out at Kāneʻohe Bay Sandbar

Sof Snowbirds on the Go

September 1, 2021

By Les Rosenthal

In the early evening of August 21st, Pat and I, with Kerri, our youngest daughter, her husband, Dan, their kids Sloane 3 and Maeve 1, for Pat’s 31st time in Mt Rainier Nat’l Park, hiked 3.5 miles around Naches Peak at 5,400’ elevation to watch the full moon rise over the Cascade Mts and illuminate Mt Rainier. At 72 years young, Pat and I found it physically very challenging. Dan and Kerri tended our grandkids well.  It turned out too cold to wait for the 9:30pm moonrise. We were exhausted when we got back to our car. We got home about midnight. Poor Pat woke up at 2am with severe leg cramps. Nevertheless, I’m still profoundly grateful we all were able to perform our family rite for one more year. Most amusing and amazing Sloane never got too tired to stop talking. That was delightful!

We also went on a Craig, Alaska trip a couple weeks ago. Top is a 50lb halibut, bottom a 16lb King salmon. Pat and I supplied the entree for our family reunion on Lake Chelan this past weekend. I’m heading back to Yakutat, Sept 3-6. The best thing about fishing is that the fish live in beautiful places.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who has kept us alive, sustained us and brought us to this season.

I’m grateful.

See you all after October 17th.


Snowbird Chair Les Rosenthal

On the Cover of the Fishing Report at Dierickʻs Fishing Lodge in Alaska

Les Rosenthal holding a large fish

Snowbirds: Les and Pat Rosenthal’s Off-Island Time

By Les and Pat Rosenthal

A before pic from our delightful seders

Seder Table

May 5th Pat and I flew to visit my nephew in Nashville and our great niece and nephew.

Family Visit. Three people smiling.

From there we went up to Bowling Green, Ky and the National Corvette Museum where we toured then picked up a car.

From there we’ve driven to Spring Mountain Motor Sports Park in Parumph, Nevada where they’ll try to teach how I should have driven it here.

Yellow racing car

Pat was willing to ride the course with an instructor at the wheel. One session was enough! And this is a picture of me in my graduating class at the school.

Racing School Graduation

Amid these activities I’m staying current with FaceTime with Lorna and Don in our Hebrew classes. They’re a lot of fun.

Snowbirds Lovin’ The Newsletter

By Brian Ellinoy and Rachelle Lackman

I think the newsletter is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you and your supporting cast are devoting to keeping everybody informed of Sof doings. For “snowbirds” like Rachelle and me who unfortunately can’t be in Paradise all the time the newsletter with all its photos and stories makes us feel like we are there with you. And with the May issue you’ve even gotten me interested in fishing in the Red Sea! Continued success with the newsletter.

Shalom and Aloha!

Snow Bird Raven

Shabbat Times