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Pandemics Weren’t Born Yesterday (History is Here to Help)

November 1, 2021

A TV show featuring Sof’s Robert Littman!

Archeology, especially in Egypt, has revealed pandemics thousands of years ago. What does archeology tell us about them, and how sure can we be? What is the state of the science that can reveal this to us? How do we learn these things from the digs? Is there more we can learn, and what steps will be necessary to discover other secrets about disease in classical times? Learn more here:

Jewish Women’s Archive Encyclopedia

July 2, 2021

CollageThe Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) is pleased to announce the launch of a new edition of the Shalvi/Hyman Encyclopedia of Jewish Women. The launch also kicks off a year of celebrating the 25th anniversary of JWA’s founding.


Shul After Zoom

A parody of HamiltonYou’ll Be Back, about coming back to shul after Zoom. 


Hometown to the World

From Avi Soifer

A town sign for Postville: Hometown to the WorldThe opera Hometown to the World focuses on the aftermath of a 2008 raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on a Kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. Postville gave itself the moniker, Hometown to the World, because of the diverse population it attracted for working in the plant. The raid itself was the focus of a documentary titled “abUSed” and it’s quite fascinating, and sad.

The opera begins after the raid and focuses on three individuals who represent different populations in the town: Linda Larsen, a Lutheran of Scandinavian descent, Linda Morales, an immigrant from Guatemala whose family was deported in the raid but remains in Postville because she gave birth while in Iowa, and Abraham Fleischman, a young Chasidic Jew who was just disowned by his family after revealing he’s homosexual. Although the impetus for the opera is an act of violence, the story is about how these three lives intersect and find some hope and healing amidst despair.

Here’s some additional information on the opera:

It will be released for streaming on Friday, May 21 on our digital platform:

From Lorna Holmes

Menschwarmers – they talk about Jews in sports. Just for the name, it’s worth it.


From Jay Friedheim and Bea Haymer

April 2, 2021

A Pirate Passover

It’s #Passover​ on the high seas, mates! We couldn’t help but dive right in to the sea shanty craze — especially once we realized how well they work as horas — Come drop anchor and celebrate freedom with us and a hearty round of 19th century sailing songs! (We’re so contemporary.) #ChagSameach​!

New York Cantors

January 13, 2021

Via Lorna Holmes

“Ose Shalom” with Azi Schwartz – Three young cantors, all rising stars in the world’s Jewish music scene, are brought together in Amsterdam’s revered 17th-century Portuguese Synagogue for a concert of Jewish sacred and secular music arranged for orchestra and choir.

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