Seder Photos

Photos from the Warshawsky Zoom Seder

Parshat Tzav: A Drash

By Sid Goldstein

A haggadah with a blue hamsa

“Such are the rituals of the burnt offering, the meal offering, the guilt offering, the offering of ordination and the sacrifice of well-being which the Lord charged Moses on Mount Sinai.”

–  Leviticus 8.37

One of… Continue reading

Purim Party

A Lasting Memory

On Monday March 9, about 100 people gathered at Robert and Bernice Littman’s home for the Sof Purim Party. There was fun and food for all. Multiple people read from the Megillah, most notably Dina Yoshimi, the… Continue reading

Hallaq (Persian Charoset)

by Peter Fritz

Looking for a change from the apple, walnut and cinnamon charoset? Try hallaq, Persian charoset. Hallaq symbolizes the Jewish Exodus from Egypt and highlights some of the sweet and warm flavors from Iran such as raisins, dates… Continue reading

Book Club Schedule

Carolann Biederman

Date Title Author
1/9/20 My Mother’s Sabbath Days Chaim Grade
3/15/20 The Collector’s Apprentice B.A..Shapiro
4/19/20 5 weeks – A Walker in the City Alfred Kazin
6/28/20 10 weeks – The Song of the Jade Lily Kirsty Manning… Continue reading

The Seder

By Reb Daniel Lev

There were traveling two beggars, a Jew and German who were always looking for opportunities to get a free meal or a place to stay. One year they arrived in a big city around Pesach time.… Continue reading

An Embarrassment to Jews the World Over

by Kay Lorraine

Image of a music sheet on piano keys

I am an embarrassment to Jews the world over. I know this to be true, because a cantor in Chicago made this statement in my presence, loudly, to a large group of Jewish women.

Let me explain:… Continue reading

Congregation Sof Ma’arav went from the Party Shul to the Zoomers: A Heartfelt Message to You

Information from Sof President Sandra Z. Armstrong

My biggest fear this morning was not the coronavirus but how was Congregation Sof Ma’arav going to keep our reputation going as a learning experience, a welcoming place, a week Torah reading experience,… Continue reading

Sof Shabbat Services Online May 1

You are invited to participate in Saturday morning Shabbat services through an interactive Zoom meeting. (This is NOT streaming video; it is an interactive “meeting room”.)


Here is a link to the full Siddur Sim Shalom (courtesy of the Rabbinic… Continue reading

Memories of a Neurosurgeon: Book Review of Judith’s Pavilion: The Haunting Memories of a Neurosurgeon, by Dr. Marc Flitter


As I sat on the UU Church bench, Marc went to his car and emerged with a copy of the subject book, which he handed to me. I was delighted to receive it. I take such pleasure… Continue reading