Guidelines for Giving a Drash at Congregation Sof Maʻarav

by Sally Morgan and Fran Margulies

March 30, 2021




After the Torah service is complete and before Musaf.


How Long?


Ten minutes or less (Really!)


Who Gives It?


As a havurah, Sof Maʻarav depends on its own congregation and its guests to volunteer.




A response to the Torah portion of that Shabbat (but not necessarily of the shorter triennial portion we chant that morning). Or – to the Haftarah for that Shabbat, or – to a yearly cycle holiday.

–        Research is encouraged. Creative response is welcome. Personal anecdote enriches the drosh.

–        Political advocacy is not welcome.

–        Editing is essential! Ten minutes is short. We ask droshers to get to their point quickly and stay with it; we rent our space from the Unitarian Church only until 1pm, and they expect us to leave on time.

–        Help and guidance is freely offered to potential droshers by the drosh chair or other experienced members.


Who Assigns? Drash assignments are made by the Drosh Chair following Sof guidelines.

*drash = dʻvar torah = midrash = commentary. (Midrash, capital M, also refers to specific compilations of Halacha and Oral Law).

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