Women’s League Initiative

The Sof Ma’arav Board has agreed to support an initiative to look into our congregation’s affiliating with the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (http://www.wlcj.org/).  Barbara Buchwald will attend the Western Region’s Spring Conference in Irvine, CA on May 4-5 of this year as a representative of Sof Ma’arav to learn more about their activities, and to see what benefits involvement with the Women’s League might hold for our kehillah.  In order for Barbara to be able to best represent the interests of the women of the congregation, she needs our input, and with the date of departure rapidly approaching, now is the very best time to provide it!
After you’ve filled your plate at the oneg this week, please take a few minutes to share your thoughts, or your questions, with Barbara.  If you don’t know much about the Women’s League, you can take a look at their website (provided above), or at the conference schedule (attached).  If you are long-winded, or if you want to hear what everyone else has to say this Shabbos before you put your two-cents’ worth in, you can always send her an e-mail.

Please do make an effort to look over the website and the conference brochure, and speak with Barbara so that our voice can be well-represented at the Women’s League gathering this year.