The Meaning of Membership


An open pomegranate

If we were to look up the definition of membership, well it is quite mundane to say the least. Becoming a member of Sof Ma’arav is anything but. We have been immensely blessed to be part of a very unique congregation. Recalling my first encounter on a Shabbat morning after being invited by Rachel Ahuvia would be a turning point in my life. I found my home, my lifeline, my joy. From the moment I walked in I was warmly greeted by a beautiful blonde woman with a smile that was infectious and immediately drew my curiosity. To see her serving as our president is no surprise to me.

The service started with the melodies of ancient, yet familiar tunes and my spirit began to rise higher and higher. Where am I? I asked myself. There was nothing ordinary about the procession of the service that I encountered. My soul was being fed a delicacy of thought and emotions I had not experienced before in shul. The Torah service began and I was stunned to see a woman reading from the Torah with great skill and emunah. I thought to myself, that’s what I want to do one day.

The drash given was themed around baseball and was so meaningful yet lighthearted, I just knew this was a very special place. Going to the oneg room and being greeted by so many friendly faces I was truly impressed with Rachel’s recommendation to join her at Sof. Getting into my car and sitting back to reflect on the day I knew in that moment I was home. This was not just another shul with congregants; this was mishpacha!

Every member of this shul, from the snowbird, to weekly attendees, is if I may use the analogy a part of the Sof anatomy. Each person plays a role that creates a complete being. Sof Ma’arav is the place where you can learn and grow in your pursuit of recreating the relationship between Adam and his Creator. I would like to thank each and every person who has taught me the true meaning of the word membership, but then Sid’s newsletter would be full for the year with no room to add any other content. Come, participate, learn, and grow.