Tamara Ramos Takes the Cake

Contributed by Kay Lorraine

It started innocently enough. Our own Tamara Hadassah bat Sara was going to leyn for the first time on Saturday, May 12. I wanted to do something special to commemorate it for her, so I ordered a special cake and had “Mazel tov, Tamara” inscribed on the top.

I had to spell “Mazel tov” three times before the baker got it right. (Aren’t there any Jews in Hawaii Kai?) Nonetheless, it was lovely.

Unfortunately, I woke up sick that morning, but my husband, Brad, a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful, offered to deliver the cake to shul for the oneg with my regrets. He left just before 11:00, in plenty of time to climb the Pali, even in a Prius.

Brad called over an hour later. It was not going well. He was sitting on the Kalanianaole Highway and nothing was moving. Nothing. Moving. A fallen tree blocked the Kalanianaole opposite Kalani High School. Fortunately, HPD was handling the traffic problem beautifully. Naw, I’m just kidding. It was a mess.

Brad pulled up at shul just short of 1:00. There were still a few people there. He got out of the car, balancing the cake in one hand and closing the car door with the other, when a gust of wind blew the lid off the cake plate and the whole cake slid into his face. Well, OK, not the entire cake – just the bottom half. The cake still said, “Mazel t” and Brad’s face said, “ov Tamara.”

He should have walked in with a face full of icing instead of wiping it off, but even after all these years with me, he has still never learned how to milk a laugh. I have clearly failed him in that way.

Anyhow, I hear that the top half of the cake was delicious, but still not as sweet as our ability to celebrate the religious advancement of anyone in our mishpocheh. Congratulations Tamara, and “Mazel t.”

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