Sof Members In The News – Mat Sgan & Kay Lorraine


Mat Sgan Elected to Pacific Historic Parks Board


Sof member Mat Sgan has been elected to the Board of Directors of Pacific Historic Parks (PHP.) PHP is a Friends group of the National Parks Service and has been instrumental in establishing most of the physical and program endeavors associated with visitor services at the parks it serves.


The mission of PHP is to support the USS Arizona Memorial and other Pacific historic locations through education and interpretive programs, research, preservation, and restoration to perpetuate the memory of events and honor the people involved in these sites.


Currently, PHP includes carrying out its mission at the following parks:


World War II Valor in the Pacific Memorial Park at Pearl Harbor

War in the Pacific National Historical Park at Guam

American Memorial Park at Saipan

Kalaupapa National Historic Park at Molokai

Diamond Head State Monument at Honolulu


Star Advertiser Praises Kay Lorraine


On November 13 and November 20, Star Advertiser Columnist Michael Tsai dedicated two full columns to Sof member Kay Lorraine’s quest for justice. He pointed out that Lorraine has had multiple careers in her interesting life. Her latest venture, the law, has found her working at age 72 as a new lawyer in Honolulu.


Tsai wrote about how Lorraine, watching a segment on the Rachael Maddow show, learned about the Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Support, a nonprofit that provides legal support for immigrants. The Center is working with families caught in separation situations affecting immigrants seeking asylum at the US border.


Kay Lorraine didn’t just watch this. She soon took a leave of absence from her job and started working for the center in San Antonio, Texas. She has provided legal assistance, working on every facet of the family separation issue.  As Tsai pointed out, she has put her sweat equity into the Jewish concept of ”tikkun olam”… mending the earth.


We have many shades of political and social opinion in our Congregation. But each and every one of us has a sense of justice. We all admire people who follow that sense of justice and do in the world what they think is right. Kay Lorraine is doing just that. All of us at Sof Ma’arav are very proud of her efforts.