Sof in the Community

Mat Sgan Addresses Jewish Community Services Dinner on Behalf of Sof Maʻarav

A dreidel on a table showing the letter heh

On Sunday, November 17, Jewish Community Services of Hawaiʻi held their 21st Anniversary Dinner. Jews representing every Synagogue on Oʻahu were there. Mat Sgan, the author of Honey and Poi, and a long-time member, spoke on behalf of Sof Ma’arav. Here is what he had to say:

Congregation Sof Ma’arav is delighted to be one of the Jewish organization honorees this evening. In turn our Congregation honors Hawaiʻi’s Jewish Community Services, its leadership, its donors, and all its volunteers, not just this evening but year after year.

JCS is a special representative of Judaism in Hawaiʻi. By taking care of our fellow Jews we are not only fulfilling the values and commandments of Judaism, we are standing with other secular and religious charities in uplifting our fellow human beings. Such purposes, Jews especially, should not and cannot leave to others.

Imagine a world without organizations such as JCS. That indeed would be a world without the spirit of Judaism. We in Hawaiʻi stand on the shoulders of others who went before us in establishing and supporting JCS. Those who follow us and accept the responsibility of being Jewish will stand on our shoulders as they ensure that it has the resources to fulfill its mission.

JCS provides for Jewish unity, for stature within the Hawaiʻi community, and for programs meant to relieve pain and suffering among all people. Sof Ma’arav through its individual members and its organizational status is pleased to be of assistance and insistence in such matters.

Congratulations Hawaiʻi Jewish Community Services on your 21st birthday. May you live another 99 years and beyond. You will always be needed and Congregation Sof Ma’arav will always support your endeavors.