Sof Hanukkah 2020

A Small Hanukkah Miracle

By Mathew Sgan

Last year I had an almost full package of Hanukkah candles left over. I planned to use them for this year’s lighting ceremonies. Alas, on the fifth day, I started to worry that I would be short of candles. I anticipated my needs. Five on the fifth day; six on the sixth day; seven on the seventh day; and eight on the eighth day. A total of 26 candles. I counted the candles. Only 25. I re-counted. Only 25. I counted the Jewish way: not one; not two. Not 26 is missing. I counted on successive nights. Still one short. What to do! Buying new candles. The Temple gift shop is closed. Searching desparately for candles is a fool’s errand. Call friends? Too much fuss during Covid-19. Too late for an online order and delivery. So I started to reconfigure 7 candles in eight spots. Leave # 1 vacant! Leave  # 8 vacant! Leave an interior spot vacant! Nothing seemed right. I was perplexed. What would the sages do? Should I call Dina, Jay, or Gregg? Again recounts. Again one short!

The eighth night arrived. I went to the package. There they were! Eight multicolored candles (okay, mostly white.) So that’s my story. For me, it’s my own personal Hanukkah miracle!

Hanukkah Memories

Or Why December Was My Boys’ Favorite Month

By Kay Lorraine

Most of you know that I was not born a Jew, but converted as a young person. I tried to compete with the Christmas-theme that was exposed to my children everywhere outside the house by going waaaaay overboard on Hanukkah decorations at home. I didn’t want them to feel left out, so there was blue tinsel and white twinkle lights in every room. Fold-out dreidels and glittery “Happy Hanukkah” banners hung from the upstairs balcony. I held Hanukkah parties for my son’s classmates from Torah Academy, and went sort of over-the-top on gifts each night when we lit the menorah. I never claimed it was tasteful – I was making a statement to my kids. Then, when they visited my parents (the Methodists) there was always a big trimmed tree, and my father’s “thing” was too many outdoor Christmas light festooning the house. Once again – not particularly tasteful. My two boys just LOVED December because it meant they got to celebrate two holidays and clean up on lots of gifts from both sides. My sons inherited many fine traits from both sides of their families but, obviously, “impeccable taste” was not one of them.

Hanukkah’s 5th Candle at Les and Pat’s

By Les Rosenthal

Risa, Linda, Pat and I started our small and health conscious dinner party with a quick beach walk. You may know  Linda’s canine sidekick, Cooper? Let’s say, Risa and they were happy for a stretching of the legs, and Cooper for meeting other un-cooped up dogs on Kailua Beach. After eight years of living 240 steps away, I’ve concluded ‘Kailua’ is Hawaiian for ‘Happy Dog,’ because the beach has many. Then back we went to our Kalaheo Beach House for our sunset Chanukah candle lighting. We five enjoyed a twilight dinner of Linda’s salad, our vegetables and roast lamb chops outside in our garden on the back deck. Then we moved into the house for a card game called Phase 10. If you haven’t played it yet, you might give it a look. It’s very easy to learn, very sociable and fun to play. If you’re interested give me a call. Pat and I love small group friend gatherings. While playing cards we ate too many of Risa‘s provided Sufganiyot! Look that up if you don’t know what it is?We had a great time!


COVID Hanukkah

By Robert Littman

Here is our COVID cautious Hanukkah. One daughter Tish with her family at one end.

Other daughter Emma at the other and Bernice in the middle.

BY ROBERT LITTMAN Here is our COVID cautious Hanukkah. One daughter Tish with her family at one end. Other daughter Emma at the other and Bernice in the middle.

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