Sof Celebrates Pesach – 5779!

By Arnie Warshawsky

Passover is a time of family and friends. Passover is a time of remembering an ancient redemption when Israelites were freed from slavery to meet their collective and individual destinies. As such, Passover also is a symbol of hope for the world’s oppressed. This year, Sof Ma’arav congregants gathered in many venues to commemorate the Exodus story at several Seders. These Seders were big, garrulous events as well as small intimate family affairs. Guided by a host of Haggadah, all of the Seders fulfilled the commandment to remember the Exodus from Egypt. These photos offer glimpses of us celebrating the Festival together. I experienced one hosted by Reb Daniel and Margie. It was an evening of questioning, singing, eating, and learning. The second hosted by Sandy and Don, a little less intimate, but equally filled with all the elements of a very enjoyable Seder.