Quotes from Sof

Sof Maʻarav evokes strong emotion from its membership. Here are some quotes that show how our members feel.


Gayle Goodman

Sof Ma’arav is like being part of a dance where we all come together, like a beautiful symphony where the parts come together to make an inspiring and uplifting whole.

Celia Diamond

Wish I could be there! Greetings to all and L’Shanah Tovah to you and your family, and to everyone at Sof.  I think of you all the time and amuse the Havurah here by doing Gregg’s little dance when we sing “V’sham’ru.”  (I tell them it’s in honor of Gregg and Sof.)


Risa Dickson

While I was raised in a small Jewish community in the south, I have never felt such a strong sense of belonging and grounding as I do as a part of the Sof community. It’s a bit ironic that I was able to find and embrace my Jewish self in the most remote place on the planet.  Though I currently work in California, my heart is always with my Sof ʻohana and I cherish the trips home when I can be with my community.

Roz & Arnie Steinberg

We came to Hawaii to see your beautiful islands and celebrate our anniversary. It’s been a fabulous trip and being in your shul was the icing on the cake. We loved being part of your Minyan!! Shanah Tovah Umtookah to you and all the wonderful people we had the pleasure of meeting.

Jonathan Lewin

I found a wonderful family-like atmosphere at Sof Ma’arav that made me wish that I would pull up my roots and join you.  But, for the moment, that’s impossible.  Although I’m 77 years old, I’m still at my full-time job as a professor of mathematics at Kennesaw State University and, in fact, I’m more active in my work than ever before!

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