Praise for Honey and Poi

Honey and Poi was published about 3 months ago, and the critical reviews of it have started to arrive.  Here are a few samples:


  1. Perhaps the best book about a small conservative shul on an island in the Pacific thus far this year.
  2. Some may think of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Sholem Asch’s Tales of My People. Others may not think of those books.
  3. Almost Talmudic in its willingness to let everyone who’s anyone speak.
  4. You will not just read Honey and Poi; you will live it!

Shoshana and I are reading Honey and Poi to one another, and we are enjoying it immensely….What a wonderful contribution you have made both to Sof and to the understanding of Jewish life in Hawai’i. Yasher Koach!

– Rabbi Saul Perlmutter

Still, there are Sofers who have not yet joined in the fun of knowing who we are and how we came to be. Amazon, Xlibris, and Mat await your book and Appendix orders! Consider how happy your friends and family will be to receive these books. Joy unbounded! More information, contact Mat Sgan.

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