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As we start this new time of beginnings, we’re very excited to announce the new offerings for Organic Torah membership for the coming year 2018-2019. For Individual Memberships we’re very proud to offer a monthly translation/commentary by Rabbi Margalit, in addition to regular webinars and discounts. To read more, visit:


Register for Rabbi Margalit’s Four Day Intensive Course – at Aleph Kallah this summer!

Intensive Course: “Organic Torah: Jewish Wisdom for Healing Our Relationships with Nature, Community and Spirit”

For 300 years, Western thought has taught us to put things before relationships, to stand apart, trying to control and manipulate the world. But now, a paradigm shift is occurring that emphasizes ecological thinking, networks of relationship and holistic systems, offering us the unique opportunity to reintegrate Jewish wisdom with the cutting edge of modern thought. In this course, we’ll rediscover core Jewish ways of thinking and being that can help us heal ourselves and the world.

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Paradigm Shifting Conversations: Healing Ourselves and the World

As we witness and experience the epidemics of addiction, loneliness, political fragmentation and the environmental disasters of climate change and mass extinction it is becoming abundantly clear that our present course is not sustainable.

In these eight webinars, Organic Torah founder Rabbi Natan Margalit, Ph.D. will talk with leaders in fields ranging from ecology to art, from medicine to meditation, in order to clarify and explore the paradigm shift away from mechanistic ways of thinking and fragmented, isolated ways of being, towards organic, holistic ways of thinking and connected, relationship-based ways of being.

In these webinars we’ll delve into the ways that Judaism, viewed as an organic, living system, can intersect with cutting edge modern holistic thinking to show us an alternative, healing vision of our own lives and future of the planet. You can participate by joining Organic Torah beforehand.

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