On-line Talmud study at a slower pace

I am pleased to inform you of the upcoming opportunity to study Talmud through the USCJ. The pace that will not require the intensive time commitment of Daf Yomi, and, also, at a pace that is perhaps more suited to first-time students of the Talmud.

Please note that many in our congregation have participated in Mishnah Yomit (myself included) and found it to be very helpful in developing an understanding of the Mishnah, which, in turn, forms a basis for the Talmud.  Since Mishnah is part of Talmud, you can participate in the upcoming Talmud study and learn both.

This new study opportunity is NOT the same as the on-line courses offered by the faculty of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem.  This is an ongoing endeavor that has no cost attached, and that you will receive as a regular e-mail.  You can study those sections that interest you, fall behind and catch up again, or even find a chevruta partner to study with.  It’s all no strings attached, and up to the individual learner.  It’s a great opportunity to study!