Let’s Toast to Life

A toast by Carolann Biederman, given during Donald Armstrong’s Roast & Toast Tribute Event

Many of Donald’s accomplishments here in Hawaii are collaborations and strategic partnerships. We know “it takes a village.” And it takes Sandy.

Tonight, though, the spotlight is rightly on Donald.

We celebrate his ruach and hard work, which have blessed our congregation and community.

Let me sum up how Don’s leadership – past, present and legacy – brings us to this moment:

  • Abraham’s Garden
  • Hebrew studies
  • The Peace Prayer
  • The Party Shul alive with music and fun
  • Establishing the office of the grand vizier
  • Bridges to Temple E, OJO and other spiritual communities
  • Logistics and negotiations behind the scenes with our Unitarian Church landlords
  • And, of course, the ongoing operations of Sof Ma’arav

Let’s toast: To life, to Don, l’chaim! L’chaim, l’chaim, to life! A gift we hope are wise enough Ever to prize enough, Drink l’chaim, to life!

יִישַׁר כֹּחֲךָ Yasher ko’akh. Imua!

Don, may you go from strength to strength.

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