Jewish Community Services Annual Dinner Honors Marlene Booth and Avi Soifer

by Carolann Biederman



On Sunday, November 4, 2018, Jewish Community Services celebrated its twentieth year of service to the community with 150 guests at the Pacific Club. The Annual Dinner honored the 2018 Volunteers of the Year — ten amazing people, representing six different congregations.


Avi Soifer and Marlene Booth were the official honorees from Congregation Sof Ma’arav, and several of the other honorees also have ties to Sof, past and present:

Bob and Marilyn Landis                         Aloha Jewish Chapel

Yosef and Devorah Morgan                   Chabad of Hawaii

(aka Steve and Donna Morgan)

Joseph Narrowe                                    Jewish Congregation of Maui

Harvey and Lynne Rackmil                    Oahu Jewish ‘Ohana

Ruth Freedman                                     Temple Emanu-El


Rabbi Ken Aronowitz from Temple Emanu-El and Rebbitzen Pearl

Krasnjansky of Chabad offered reflections and prayers for the Jewish lives

lost in Pittsburgh, a tragedy which was on everyone’s minds.


JCS is a community builder that brings together the whole Jewish

community as no other group can. A variety of people from all walks of life

in Hawaii come together at the dinner to celebrate their shared Jewish

religion and traditions as well as our diversity.


The mission of JCS is to support and enhance the quality of life of those in need of help in the Hawaii Jewish community by providing appropriate social services.


Services include counseling, information and support for clients in time of crisis, need, life changes and transitions, as well as with cash assistance and financial management. JCS also helps people who can afford assistance but don’t know where to turn, especially in times of stress, illness and challenge. Marlene Booth says:


“It was wonderful being honored by JCS and a special treat to meet our fellow honorees. Especially in the wake of the shooting in Pittsburgh, it was really moving to come together as a community that speaks Jewish in many voices and values each other. That we are able to create Jewish community so far from any center of Jewish life inspires and gives me hope.”


Photography by Arnie Warshawsky

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