Jewish Cemetery Plots Available for Sale in Abraham’s Garden

Jewish cemetery plots are available for sale in Abraham’s Garden. Abraham’s Garden is located within Hawaiian Memorial Park in Kaneohe. Currently plots are being offered on a base unit price of $5,000. Hawaiian Memorial Park is selling nearby plots for more than $6,000 to $8,000.

Prices for plots in Abraham’s Garden are expected to be increased after the High Holidays. The current all-in price for a plot in Abraham’s Garden is $5,852. This amount is equal to the current base plot price of $5,000; plus the cost of perpetual care of $150; plus all legal expense allocations, transfer fees and processing charges for the sale of $445; plus general excise tax @ 4.712% of $257.

If you are interested in purchasing interment rights in Abraham’s Garden before the upcoming price increase, please contact the Manager, Donald Armstrong, by phone at: 263-1130 (home), 249-3082 (cell), or by email at

Don Armstrong
Manager, Abraham’s Garden

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