5780 Passover Seders: Tradition and Technology

By Mathew Sgan

 This is a photo of an exhibit at the Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv - en:Beit Hatefutsot. The exhibit note says "Double page of a "Daiyyeinu" from the Birds' Head Haggada manuscript, South Germany. c.1300. Facsimile, Jerusalem, Israel Museum"

Isolation during Passover was on my mind. Then the heavens opened up and it was Dayenu all over again. First, Dina gave me the directions to tune in to her seder (Hawaii time 7:00 PM.) To celebrate with Dina and David is something special. Dayenu. Then, my daughter called from Boston with the news that cousin Kenny from Chicago was doing a zoom seder for the family at 2:00 PM Hawaii time. Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Hawaii, and Massachusetts would be represented. And later a friend from Serbia was added. Dayenu. My nephew, Ken, is a creative lawyer. He was able to conduct a Zoom Seder which combined songs, stories, parts well distributed, and the highlights of a Passover seder to the delight of about 35 people and four generations. No one of any age tuned out. Dayenu.

In addition, through his skillful use of technology, Ken brought up the video and audio of past family seders.  There was my Uncle Hy (z”l) doing the four questions in Yiddish.  There was my sister Janet (z”l), brother in law Sidney (z”l) and wife Gin (z”l) singing and reading. There were our family children getting ready to ask the four questions. Dayenu. Instead of a DIY seder in isolation, I was blessed with a little bit of heaven. Two wonderful seder experiences in one day. Dayenu for a lifetime!

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