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Drash Schedule April 2020

 Date Parsha Drash
Apr 4 Tsav (Shabbat HaGadol) Sid Goldstein
Apr 11 Hol Ha Moed Pesach TBD
Apr 18 Shemini David Haymer
Apr 25 Tazria/Metsora Robert Littman

Congregation Sof Ma’arav went from the Party Shul to the Zoomers: A Heartfelt Message to You

Information from Sof President Sandra Z. Armstrong

My biggest fear this morning was not the coronavirus but how was Congregation Sof Ma’arav going to keep our reputation going as a learning experience, a welcoming place, a week Torah reading experience,… Continue reading

Sof Shabbat Services Online May 1

You are invited to participate in Saturday morning Shabbat services through an interactive Zoom meeting. (This is NOT streaming video; it is an interactive “meeting room”.)


Here is a link to the full Siddur Sim Shalom (courtesy of the Rabbinic… Continue reading

Memories of a Neurosurgeon: Book Review of Judith’s Pavilion: The Haunting Memories of a Neurosurgeon, by Dr. Marc Flitter


As I sat on the UU Church bench, Marc went to his car and emerged with a copy of the subject book, which he handed to me. I was delighted to receive it. I take such pleasure… Continue reading

The Song of the Jade Lily: A Book Review


The novel, The Song of the Jade Lily, by Kirsty Manning deals with the little-known subject of the lives of Jewish refugees in Shanghai China during world War II. It is based on the historical fact that… Continue reading

Honey and Poi The Modern Years: 2000-2016


A New Century Brings Good News

As Sof headed into the turn of the century, good news predominated. The balance sheet, led by dues, donations and cookbook sales, indicated some $39,000 in income. This enabled Sof to… Continue reading

T”U B’Shevat Seder at Sof: Learning as We Go


Each year shortly after we enter the month of Shevat, the e-call for contributions to the T”U B’Shevat seder goes out. It’s the annual sign-up ritual when Sofers send in their top 3 choices for a contribution… Continue reading

To Break Open the Gates: A Tale of Healing

By Reb Daniel Lev

You know… there are at least two kinds of holy people. Although they both live a holy life, the first one looks down on people they consider “not holy” and the second one values everyone they… Continue reading

What Does It Mean to Be Jewish in Hawaiʻi?


Published in Journeys, the Publication of United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism

Reprinted by Permission

When most of us imagine centers of American Jewish life, we are more likely to think of Manhattan or Los… Continue reading

Twelve Tribes Artwork: in Honor of the 60th Anniversary of Temple Emanu-El’s Sanctuary

Text, Images, and Artwork by Alice Flitter

In 2018, as hurricane Lane threatened Hawaiʻi, Temple Emanu-El removed the jalousie windows from their sanctuary and boarded up the 12 openings. When my husband, Marc, and I saw that raw plywood, in… Continue reading